Elevate your Practice with Balance, Force, and Pressure

Objective, real-time data to assess, retrain and evaluate performance

BodiTrak BioMetrics Pressure Mapping System is an affordable, easy to use tool for enhancing your healthcare, wellness or performance practice.

Tailor made for:

Professionals working with patients, clients, athletes to enhance movement patterns, reduce risk of injury, and improve performance. 

Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Athletic Trainers, Sports Coaches, Ergonomic Specialists, Fitness Trainers, Mind Body Instructors, Youth Facilities, Active Adult Communities, and more. 

A perfect fit if you help others move better.

An ideal system for Physical Therapy, Chiropractic and Medical Clinics providing a powerful tool for optimal patient care.

An efficient tool for Movement Specialists to enhance client engagement while improving stability and balance.

A portable and affordable tool for coaching use of ground forces to improve performance and reduce risk of injury.

About BodiTrak BioMetrics

BodiTrak BioMetrics is part of the Patientech family of companies.  We work with partners internationally who help others move and perform better from the ground up.

BodiTrak BioMetrics Pressure Mapping Systems

Our Pressure Mapping System includes a Sensor Mat and software to meet your application needs.