Movement mechanics matter

Eliminate the visual guesswork of how stable or balanced your client looks.

Enhance your movement training with a tool that adds real time biofeedback

“You can’t hide on BodiTrak. A client’s squat can look symmetric, but they might be 70/30 in pressure.”

  • Dr. Adam Halseth, DPT, Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

Engage your clients more actively in their training

Connect your clients to another dimension in their stability and balance work. Create an awareness of using the ground as a source of power.

Add objective data to your practice to verify what you see. Capture baseline information with guided static and dynamic assessments. Standing Bilateral Balance, Single Leg Balance, Squat, Vertical Jump and more.

Real-time biofeedback gets your clients participating in immediate improvements. Visual awareness drives understanding of the impact of improper movement patterns. Give your clients that “ah-ha” moment.

Motivate your clients by validating their progress. Reassess performance to track outcomes and generate reports for baseline comparisons. Show your clients value.


Check out how our Partner Superman Berrow uses BodiTrak!

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Boditrak BioMetrics Software

Built-in guided assessments and real-time biofeedback modules to actively engage your clients in proper movement patterns

Sample Assessments

Standing Bilateral Balance

Vertical Jump