Our passion is to improve movement, wellness and performance.

BodiTrak BioMetrics is part of a larger family at Vista Medical which is the development and manufacturing heart of the PatienTech family of companies.

We are a team of highly skilled people working together to develop cutting edge solutions that help:


Prevent the pain and suffering of hospital patients


Maximize quality of life, comfort and safety


Optimize performance in daily life and sports performance


Improve sleep, one great sleep at a time

Our first system was sold in 1992 so we have doing this for 30 years.

Our Team is always looking for the next best way to improve what we do!

Libby Ellis

Director of Sales BodiTrak BioMetrics

Libby has spent her career in health and wellness with a focus on helping others live and move better. As an Exercise Physiologist with many movement specialities, her passion is working from the ground up to build a strong foundation for proper movement patterns. Having spent many years in Sales Leadership in healthcare, wellness, and fitness channels, Libby loves bringing technology to professionals that allows them to help others. Libby is an SI Joint, Thoracic Spine, Injury & Special Populations Specialist, Brain Health Trainer, TPI Golf BioMechanist 2, Golf Fitness 3, and Junior Golf Fitness 2 Instructor.  

Terry Hashimoto

Director of Sales BodiTrak Golf
BodiTrak Co-Founder

Terry Hashimoto Co Founder of BodiTrak, Pioneer of Pressure Mapping…Terry has travelled the world collecting Pressure Mapping Data studying common denominators of the best players in the world and sharing knowledge globally for a decade to help golfers “quantify feel” using BodiTrak.

Prior to BodiTrak Terry was the founder of Jazz Golf Canada’s first publicly traded golf manufacturing company, inventor of the worlds 1st Speed Rated Graphite Shaft Fitting System, Inertial Measuring Systems for Angular Velocities, Club Head Speeds and Path.

Terry is a University of Miami Business Graduate where he played on a golf scholarship later playing professionally on Canadian and US PGA Tours kick starting his career in the golf business.