Coach your athletes to use the ground for improved performance and reduced risk of injury

“I don’t want to do things just because I think they are working well.  
I want immediate feedback for myself and my athlete that tells me they are working well”.    

Chris Frankel, Head of Performance BeaverFit

Data driven coaching allows you to avoid guessing when you assess and train while providing validation of results

BioTrak BioMetrics Pressure Mapping System allows you to analyze ground reaction forces, center of pressure displacement, dynamic vertical forces, sway. Start assessing instead of guessing.

Are your athletes using the ground?

Help them optimize ground mechanics for immediate movement and performance improvements. Ground mechanics not only shows you how much but how. Every move your athlete makes will reflect in how they use the ground.

Built-in static and dynamic assessments. Standing Bilateral Balance, Single Leg Balance, Squat and Vertical Jump. Quantify your baseline data, validate your observations, and analyze the relationship your athlete has with the ground.

Coach and retrain movement mechanics using real-time visual feedback to drive change. Create that “ah-ha” moment for your athletes to understand what they are doing and how it impacts performance.

Reassess to track performance, validate outcomes and generate reports for baseline comparisons.


Check out how our Partner Superman Berrow uses BodiTrak!

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Boditrak BioMetrics Software

Built-in guided assessments and real-time biofeedback modules to coach your athletes on their relationship with the ground

Sample Reports

Biofeedback Training

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